Club History


Formed in the 1950’s Monteney Badminton Club was made up of staff members from the junior school in Ecclesfield with a few ‘friends’ and enjoyed free use of the school premises. The club was a member of the Sheffield Badminton League playing on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

The early 1960’s saw a decline in membership as fewer staff played badminton but it was still a ‘closed’ club. By 1965 there were pressures from within the school, together with stricter rules for the use of premises, forcing the club to make other arrangements.

Hence in the 1966-67 season Hunshelf FE Centre became home – playing in what was then the hall and gymnasium of the Lower School of Ecclesfield School on Thursday evenings. Having two courts available, and open membership, meant it was possible to increase membership and by the annual general meeting at the end of the 67-68 season it was agreed the club, of around twenty members, should be renamed Ecclesfied Badminton Club.

The club continued to play at Ecclesfield School until 1989, when the Hunshelf building was required for re-development. At various times other venues had been used for extra court time, including Colley School, Sheffield Wednesday’s Sports Hall and Earl Marshall School. In 1985 Gatty Hall, in the heart of Ecclesfield, was used as one of the extra courts. By 1990 Gatty Hall had become home to the club on two nights a week.

Gatty Hall
Gatty Hall viewed from Priory road

In 2007 the club was awarded the title of Club of the Year by the Sheffield Badminton League and the trophy was proudly displayed on match nights by the side of the club’s famous refreshments.

However, Gatty Hall only has one court and eventually the search was on for a multi court venue. Parkwood Academy Sports Centre is now the club’s new home for club and match play on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Parkwood Academy
Parkwood Academy
Parkwood Sports Hall
Parkwood Sports Hall