Latest News from Sheffield Badminton

Dear All,

On Friday 15th May the association Committee held a video conference meeting to discuss both the Badminton Sheffield Feathers and Plastics leagues.

After a lengthy discussion the decision was taken to close all the leagues with immediate effect, in normal circumstances the leagues would have been closed on the 15th May anyway.

As the leagues have not yet been completed due to the covid-19 lockdown a vote was taken to decide how the overall league placings would be decided. By a majority decision the committee will be using the Formulae provided to the committee by Praf Chauchan.   Anne and Praf will now work together to decide the overall league placings using the formulas. The committee accepts that not everybody is going to like the outcome but feel that under the circumstances will accept the findings.

The committee then went on to discuss the latest information on how the lockdown was going to be opened up. The current thinking from Badminton England is that subject to no further spikes of covid-19 a tentative start to badminton could be made on 1st September, season 2020-2021, with advice from the association committee on the health and safety requirements to be used. The committee understands that there is little likelihood of Badminton starting before this date because leisure centres and school sports halls will still be closed until July assuming all goes well.

The committee are to have another video conference meeting in July to discuss the latest developments if any. It is to be hoped that more concrete advice in this respect will be forthcoming from HM Government and Badminton England.

Stay Safe everyone.

Kind Regards

Andrew Bennett


Badminton Sheffield.