AGM Updates

Ecclesfield Badminton AGM

Ecclesfield Badminton AGM will not take place this year due to us not having access to Parkwood facilities for the foreseeable future.

Sheffield Badminton Update 3rd September

Dear All,

The association committee wish to inform you all that the bookings for this year’s AGM and Fixture meeting have been cancelled by Phoenix Sports Club due to the problems surrounding COVID 19.

I am enclosing a letter from the Association Chairman, Alan Barber, which explains the way forward:-


Regarding the AGM and Fixture meetings. We have been informed that Phoenix have cancelled the bookings we had for these two events. This is not surprising realising the current state of the Covid situation and the additional safety measures that both Phoenix and all attendees would have to adhere to in the event.

To this end I am recommending that an AGM is convened solely by the committee using the usual video link at the date and time agreed for that meeting. That is 3rd September at 7.30pm. We will send out copies of the minutes of the meeting as soon as possible to all clubs.

With the Covid situation not improving as quickly as we had hoped we will also cancel the fixture meeting. The league tables will be accepted as based on the works carried out by Praf and Anne at the end of the truncated season. We will discuss the presentation of the respective trophies at a later date.

Any clubs wishing to play 2020 / 2021 should arrange fixtures between themselves by phone, e-mail or text etc. This will allow clubs without a venue at that time to join in later as play can be resumed.

 It is not intended that there will be any promotions or relegations for this next season so clubs would not be disadvantaged if they cannot play at all, play just a few matches or come in later when venues are available and the situation allows.

 All safety measures will apply as provided to us by Badminton England and the government.

 With luck we may be able to resume our normal situation for season 2021 / 2022.

Stay Safe.

Alan Barber

Badminton Sheffield.

In one of her final jobs Anne as results secretary has outlined what will be happening to the various leagues:-

.     The promotions and relegations worked out by Praf and myself are applied to the leagues to form the new leagues for 20/21.

2.     The league is then stagnated for the season but clubs may play friendlies within their new divisions or with anyone willing to play.

3.     No scores are recorded by the league – they are just friendlies.

4.     In September 2021 when we can have an AGM (God willing), clubs will be asked for withdrawals and additions.  These will then be added or withdrawn from the leagues (20/21) and the leagues adjusted if necessary.

In the circumstances that we currently find ourselves in the committee have decided to hold a video AGM on or near to the date of the original AGM then circulate minutes and reports to the clubs. The proposals which have been circulated to you by me will not be voted on until we can hold a proper meeting so will be carried forward to when we can hold a proper AGM.

The committee would like to thank you all for your patience in this trying time that we find ourselves in and together we can see it through to the other side.

Kind Regards

Andrew Bennett

Hon Secretary